Friday, April 14, 2006

Alone @ Work

posted by John Blanco @ 1:21 PM


What a depressing day. Three quarters of the office is gone on this floating holiday we call Renewal Day. We all know it's Good Friday.

I didn't eat breakfast because I had a dental appointment at 8. It went fine, but by the time I got to work, I was staaaaaarving. Luckily it was Bagel Day.

However, here's what I've eaten so far on this fine Friday:

* Chocolate Chip bagel w/strawberry cream cheese
* Banana Nut Muffin
* Package of cookies
* A Coke

Ummm. Yeah. Someone save me! (10 minutes to go...)


Blogger Michele said...

What the hell were you thinking? What did I tell you about to much sweets in one sitting? Put down the cookie and step away...;)

6:53 AM  

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