Friday, April 07, 2006

A Blanco Update

posted by John Blanco @ 6:12 PM


Yeah, it's Friday!!! Again! This week went fast! And it started of so lousy, what with back and neck pain, and having to bring my car into the shop for the second time in a week. But, all fixed up...$400 later!

On Wednesday, Mike and I played chess over at a StarBucks nearby. Had some good fun playing on the board. I forgot to record the first game, but the second game made it to my database. I played a Winawer French as black in the first game, and I played the Bird as white in the second.

Mmmmmmm, Biiiiiiiird.

Michele came and visited our new DTC offices today. She got lost, but who can blame her. The cubicle farm is burgeoning! After giving her a quick tour, we went to yumm Sonic for lunch where I had a Blue Coconut Slushie which was very yummy and made my tongue very bluish.

Got some good work done and I only have a handful of defects left to worry about come next week...and an open weekend with no plans, which is good and bad. We'll find something to do. :-)

Tonight, going to Linn's for a casual get together. Mmmm, margaritaaaaaas. :-)


In Avatara news, great updates to report. Games are very playable, and I'll soon have a good little epicenter of functionality to start building the more subtle features off of. My goals this weekend include working on the game section a lot -- adding chat to the game board, offering game features like draw requests and aborting, and some other tweaks and code cleanup.

Once done, I'll have to add the more necessary add-on to game play, namely, pawn promotion. I can easily do a dialog, but I'm thinking of making it a little more fancty. I dunno. I'll prolly just do a dialog for now and leave those fun little enhancements for down the road when I've got all the grunt work complete.

It's looking good. I'll post a screenshot shortly!


Blogger Michele said...

The Blue Coconut Slushie that made you weak and tired when you came home from work...too much sugar got you down. Oh yeah, I've also heard it made your tongue turn blue!:)

8:12 PM  

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