Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Taliban is Dead. Long Live the Taliban!

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Bush certainly talks tough on terror. Too bad he can't back it up with results.

As ripped from Daily Kos's georgia10...

George Bush from 9/27/2004:

"In a different kind of war, we had to recognize that we're not facing a nation; we're facing a group of people who have adopted an ideology of hatred and love to find places where they can hide. They're like parasites. They kind of leech on to a host and hope the host weakens over time so they can eventually become the host. That's why I said to the Taliban in Afghanistan: Get rid of al Qaeda; see, you're harboring al Qaeda. Remember this is a place where they trained -- al Qaeda trained thousands of people in Afghanistan. And the Taliban, I guess, just didn't believe me. And as a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence."

As reported from the AP, yesterday:

"KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Forty-one Taliban fighters and six Afghan policemen were killed in a fierce battle in southern Afghanistan, a provincial governor said on Saturday. [...]

Afghanistan has seen a surge in attacks on Afghan and foreign forces since the Taliban announced last month they had launched a spring offensive. [...]

Friday's battle comes amid weeks of rising violence by Taliban, fighting Afghan government and foreign forces since U.S.-led troops overthrew their Kabul administration in 2001... Despite the increased fighting, the U.S. army plans to cut its 19,000-strong force in Afghanistan to 16,500 this year."

Ask the families of the 141 dead soldiers in Afghanistan if they think the Taliban no longer exists.


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