Saturday, April 15, 2006

Coding Bender

posted by John Blanco @ 3:33 PM


Whew. That was quite a bender. About 4 hours of source fury!

I've added in-game chat to Avatara. A nice feature because previously, once you started a game, you were cut off from communicating with your opponent. Aside from disallowing me from communication with my likely beta tester, it prevents you from trashing talking them, too. ;-)

I've also added a chat indicator for when the chat log is invisible, so you know that a message has been sent. In the world view, where there are plenty of people chatting, this could get annoying, but in-game it's needed. I'll tweak the system a bit over time.

I've also added code that swaps the scoreboards in in-game mode depending on which color is on bottom for each screen.

So, now, except for the usual defects...I've got a lot in place. The last thing I'd like to do is to post in-game messages -- such as check, mate, etc. I'd also like to add a "draw request" feature, and have an end result state when the games ends.

Once that's done, I'll start hacking on the database. :-)


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