Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Rare Look at a Future Congressman

posted by John Blanco @ 6:17 AM


Last night at our monthly Jeffco Young Dems meeting, we hosted Bill Winter, Democratic candidate for CD-6 here in Colorado.

What a special evening it was, let me explain.

Bill showed up a bit late due to the weather. (Sleet.) The *entire* Young Dem group had arrived. Every member, with just about every significant other. In addition, we had new potential members and other guests arrive including Becky, Kelzie, Kyle, and Vincen's workmate Pat.

To complicate matters, there was a caucus going on in our room due to a scheduling conflict. However, when Bill arrived, even they stopped to listen to what he had to say.

The room was packed.

Bill talked about who he was and why he was running. The room stirred. Bill is going head-to-head with Tom Tancredo in our district...and he'll have a lot of support.

When he was done, we Young Dems opted to leave the room and talk further with Bill -- who was happy to stay and talk to us some more. So, here we were, walking through the building, looking for a place to sit and chat. But, we could find no lobby, no meeting room...

So, we settled in a little corner of the hallway. Here we were, about 9 of our number (a few had left at some point)...all sitting on the floor, on this snowy evening, talking to Bill Winter -- our future Congressman -- also sitting on the floor with us.

And what a great time we had. He answered some of our questions and we voiced our outrages and hopes for where he could make a difference. Bill Winter's issues are alongside other Americans -- he is outraged at the disrespect towards public education, he is ex-Marine and ex-Navy military and objects to this war of corporate greed in Iraq, and he objects to those ont he right who hide behind the flag whilst they tear its freedoms away.

I just can't emphasive how personable and likeable Bill is. Whether you are into politics and government or not...this is the man you want as a Congressman. He is honest. He doesn't mute his opinion. He wants what we all want...and it includes things like better education, and healthcare. While Tancredo is a one-trick pony who does nothing about the immigration problem, just politicizes about it, Bill Winter stands for everything we all want -- a better life for ourselves and our children.

We in the group *love* Bill Winter. But, he needs our support. Love won't help him now. We must come right out and say it -- speak with your $$$. Bill needs all our financial support this quarter, ending April 15th. Without it, he won't receive the party support he needs to take on the likes of a maniacal, one-issue, CD-6 neglecting incumbant such as Tom Tancredo. If you're going to give, you need to do it now!

Please support Bill Winter. He has asked for our help, and we must provide it.


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