Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Update on Mom

posted by John Blanco @ 7:41 PM


My mom had a second surgery on Saturday to relieve pressure in her brain that wasn't going away on its own. The surgery went well, but it was the second one, so all the healing she'd gotten taken care of was wasted away.

Still, she feels a lot better, and now we're still waiting for her brain to take shape again. On last update, the left side has improved, but the right is lagging behind. They'll give it a few days to see what word on what the next option is after that. :-/

My sisters are holding up well under the strain of a million people wanting updates, spending time with mom, kids at home (Susan), and ya know -- their day jobs! So I'm sending them well-deserved gifts, as well as for my mom who now has a private room.

I'll post more updates as things develop. Hang in there, momzy!


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