Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Momzy Update -- And Then Less Important Matters...

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The latest word comes in from Carolann, my sister-in-law, who saw my mom today and fed her some peaches. :-) Mom is doing better today, though recovery is still slow. Last night didn't go particularly well for sleeping -- trying doing it without a pillow, still on your back. Not fun.


As for the less important, who cares kinda crap -- but I have to updates these things at some point... :-/ Chess Avatara made nice strides this weekend. The chat system came fast and quick. Here's the latest screenshot:

What you see is a bright red/blue chat entry box, and then a bluish-transparent chat display. Nevermind the colors, as with the graphics, it's all temporary whilst I take care of the code.

I'm pretty excited it came together so quickly. The UI scared me more than the code, but the UI gave me few issues to worry about, so the remaining code will be nothing scary. Now, I can say that game playing and chat are in! It also opens up an important channel to the game, now we have voices to use when testing. :-)

The next step in Chess Avatara's progress will likely be work on the database. I've been looking forward to stepping away from the computer and learning Hibernate for a bit. By fleshing out the database, and Hibernate'ing it into the code, I'll be able to support *real* logins and so the days of Kasparov982 will soon be over!

Before that, though, some little details. Namely, making a real room that at least has some chess sets to play, and spending a good deal of time cleaning up the code. It's gotten messy lately. So, as I head into some real important fixtures of the code base, I want what's there to be a lot cleaner. If I wait any longer, I'll have no motivation to do it and be left with a shitty codebase. BAD.

This week, I also need to prioritize finishing up the AC gift I am creating. I've always avoided last-minute projects, and I'd like to keep it that way!

Quick gaming updates: I have 34K trainer points in Nintendogs (16K to go!), I'm well in to Superstar Saga, and in Animal Crossing I am doing a heavy dose of turnip investments and foreign fruit planting. ;-)

Guild Wars will soon be restarted again. Oh yes, it will... :-)


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