Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Chess Avatara: Continues!

posted by John Blanco @ 8:07 PM


Tonight, I finally restarted on Chess Avatara code, changing the map data format processing code to match the miniaturized output made my Marauder's Map.

Chess Avatara is now working again!

So now, with Marauder done (though with lots of little tweaks I'd *like* to make) and Chess Avatara stable again with the new map code, I'm moving on to the chat system as a little treat to myself for spending the hard-fought time necessary to write a complete map editor from scratch.


So, I'll give myself a couple weeks to do chat...an hour to manipulate it on the server, but quite a bit of detailed UI work to get it working on the client side (text field, chat graphics, etc.)

Maybe three weeks.

OK, enough toiling for tonight, now on to some Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga! :-)


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