Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oh, Happy New Year!

posted by John Blanco @ 7:03 PM


The holidays have come to a close. A little sad, I must say. Michele and I enjoyed our fun and quiet evening together last night for New Year's Eve. We had Old Chicago for dinner, played games and watched TV, and then enjoyed our celebration alongside Animal Crossing, which had a countdown of its own. :-)

Today, we drove around looking for a book for her, with no luck -- so Amazon to the rescue. A little tired from the late night, we lazed around on the couch, did some laundry, watched some football, played some games, and then had a home-cooked steak dinner.

Tomorrow, we put some fuel in the gas tank and register ourselves at Costco, take down the Christmas tree, and do some other cleaning in the house.

Yawn! :-)

Oh, also today I started working on my assigned AC gift. I can't give any details though, these things are a secret. So I end here. ;-)


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