Sunday, January 08, 2006

Battle at the Homefront

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On Wednesday, while I was at work, I got a call from my sister Susan that my mom was in the hospital. Here's the story (as far as I can tell):

About a month ago, my mom was putting up Christmas decorations when she took a fall of the chair she was standing on and smacked her jaw on a table. She spent the next month trying to shake it off, but she had bad headaches and didn't tell anyone about what happened.

Eventually, she tells Susan because her back and neck are really hurting, and they go to the doctor to check her out. While at the hospital, my mom beging dragging her steps and when my Sister asks what she's mom feints. :-(

Luckily, Susan catches her before she falls. She's brought into the ER where she awaits tests most of Wednesday afternoon evening. Finally, late that night, they talk to the neurosurgeon and he declares that my poor mom has "blood on the brain" and needs surgery.

Basically, the impact caused her to start internal bleeding, which accumulated between her brain and skull. Not pretty. Surgery is then scheduled for Thursday morning.

The surgery is quick, with "minimal risk," but it's pretty scary. They had to drill two holes into her skull, to pull the blood out. The blood fills TWO bags, and last I hear, was still coming slowly. Because the blood was there so long, the recovery has taken a little longer than needed.

Right now, my mom is still in the ICU, lying flat on her back and being told not to move. She should start feeling a lot better today (we'll see), but the last two days have been agonizing for her. She can't open her eyes too much and can't talk for her too long as they both leave her with a headache...because of the trauma of the operation on her brain.

I hope to hear more today. So, if you're reading this, keep my mom in your thoughts. :-(

Love you, Momzy!


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