Saturday, December 17, 2005 - Bush acknowledges allowing eavesdropping - Dec 17, 2005

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Bush acknowledges allowing eavesdropping

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush acknowledged on Saturday that he authorized the National Security Agency "to intercept the international communications of people with known links to al Qaeda and related terrorist organizations" and said leaks to the media about the program were illegal.

Sources have told CNN that Bush signed a secret order in 2002 allowing the NSA to eavesdrop on Americans and others in the United States who are communicating with people overseas. The story was first reported Friday in The New York Times.

The irony in all this is that the Chimp-In-Chief is *protecting* our civil liberties by *violating* them. Assclown!

The assault on our freedom is not coming from al Qaeda, it's coming from this Administration! Terrorism has been a topic of this country for many years, not just since 2001. You fight terrorism with freedom -- REAL freedom. By being able to investigate what books you got from the library, this is NOT a war on terror.

Why does Senator Ted Kennedy get on the No-Fly list? Something is wrong with this country.

Bush must go. Attacking our country under the guise of fighting terrorism is un-America, completely ridiculous, and a crime against this country.


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