Monday, December 05, 2005

Super Mario 64 DS Solved

posted by John Blanco @ 7:39 AM


I've solved Super Mario 64 DS. Wow! The interesting thing is that years ago, when I first saw Mario 64 on a dormmate's machine, I thought it was amazing. Eventually, I got my own N64, and bought the game. I played it at times, but never got very far at all...I always remember the ? boxes being translucent, and I always remember having accomplished finding only a few stars. (There are over 120 to find.)

Since that time, I sold my N64 and all the games to my ex -- and so never came anywhere near solving Mario 64. After buying it for the DS, I found 13 stars, and then kinda lulled again...

But -- I picked it up, and once I got into it, I couldn't stop. Just as k the Yog. :-) I solved the game after finding 81 stars (you only need 80 to do it), but I spent additional time finding more stars cause the levels are so fun and challenging -- especially with the DS control scheme. (Wrist strap madness!)

I ended up with 101 stars. I'm still working on some of the levels, but pretty soon I'll likely quit as many of the stars are unaccountable and I can't remember which ones I need. Long story. :-) Great game, though. Love it.

Now for Nintendogs...OH...BTW...Michele unlocked the Pug! :-)


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