Sunday, December 11, 2005

Broncos Come Up Aces!

posted by John Blanco @ 6:48 PM


The dream scenario for the Broncos happened today: Broncos win, Chiefs lose, Chargers lose! The Broncs now have a full 2-game advantage on the division. No one could have forseen the 10-3 start they have! Wow! Color me impressed!

With the division all but locked up with 3 weeks to go, and the Colts clinching homefield, our full attention now goes to the Cincinatti Bengals. The Broncs and Bengals are battling for a playoff bye in the first round...and a second round home game which would likely lead to a Colts matchup in the Championship game. If the Broncos can win at least 2 of their last 3, ending up at 12-4, they will likely win the bye. (They own the tiebreaker with the Bengals right now.)


In non-football news (as if that could exist), Marauder's Map is near completion! This week I will be working on a list of enhancements/fixes/etc to bring the program to a position where I can use it effectively to create Avatara maps! I made great progress today (open/save/export functionality got in there quickly thanks to Serialization!) and can actually make the right files for Avatara...but the program is rough around the edges, and needs cleaning.

In game news, Nintendogs and Animal Crossing are progressing nicely. :-) Michele and I have unlocked 6 dogs, and I've now caught up to her in training points after being 4,000 back! I just finished paying off the first AC mortgage, but I got work to do now...Mobat has speeded past us in a huge way, as he's finished the second mortage! (125K)


Lately, I've been working more on Marauder's Map so i can get back to the fun work of Avatara -- and catching up on my new political subscriptions to The Nation and Mother Jones. Awesome buy for me! Love em. :-)


I've also gotten on the Bill Winter for Congress volunteer train. My mission right now is to keep tabs on Tom Tancredo, who holds the CO-6 seat now for the Republicans. We have a leadership meeting next week, and I hope to attend.

Yesterday, Michele and I went to our first "Second Saturday Forum," which is a monthly Democratic meeting that features breakfast and guest speakers. We enjoyed bacon, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, and OJ while watching the CO-7 Democratic candidates, Perlmutter and Lamm and Rubinstein, debate it out. It was a good meeting, the debates were not such -- no attacks -- and everything went splendidly. I hope to attend more of these in the future. (At $10 a head, maybe not every month, though.)


Now, 14 minutes til Family Guy. Time to get back on AC and do some fishing. Catch ya tomorrow.


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