Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breathe Again!

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The last week has been a blur of mayhem. In one breath, I have tried to manage my side projects, which faces heated deadlines, with the rest of my life.

Luckily, I have made it out alive...and enjoyed a nice evening of Zelda, DDR, vacuuming, fetching the mail, and soon...shaving! ;-)

Lots of fun upcoming, too...

Saturday is our baby shower!!! Michele'd friends, Jackie and Amanda, are hosting it at her parents' house. I'll be bringing over the Wii for some WarioWare action, which is my attempt to define the ultimate baby shower game. :-) It'll be co-ed, so gotta keep the testosterone satiated, right?

February has lots of highlights as well. February 6th will mark the end of our credit card debt, as we'll make our last payment on it then. PARTY TIME! We'll be headed into baby season without having to lay down our extra bucks on American Express. ;-) February 14th is Valentine's Day, which we'll enjoy at Cheesecake Factory. Where else??

Mid-February-ish is when we get our new car. Looking forward to it! The Honda CR-V in all its I'm-not-a-tiny-red-sled glory. Also in February is our friends' wedding, Aaron and Adrian. ADRON WEDDING 2007!

Smattered around are more baby classes. So far, I've attended 2 Daddy Bootcamps and a Birthing class. We have 3 more Birthing classes, an infant massage class, and a breastfeeding class -- in addition to pre-natal appointments (I don't attend all of them) and centering classes.

Who woulda think having a baby could be such hard work?! ;-)

Oh, and if anybody runs into Mobat, let him know he's a thug for going on a Zelda marathon and beating us to the ending! He's so insecure. *sigh*


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Thug for life yo!

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