Sunday, January 21, 2007

AC Christmas 2007!

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Last night was our fourth AC Christmas (out of 6 overall). As usual, our freinds made the most amazing gifts! I will show the gifts pertaining to Michele and I here. :-)

First, I was given the gift request for "Peace." I had a feeling this was coming from Jenny and John, our two newest members. The reason being that 4 years ago Adriana's mom asked for "World Peace" and was given a voodoo doll which was quite cute, incidentally. Sure enough, it *was* Jenny and John!

What I made for them was a choose-your-own-adventure book featuring all the members of Adventure Club. The goal was to solve world peace. :-) It's 59 pages long and took me quite a while to make and edit. I was happy to give it to them as there is a lot of background info on the AC members for them to read about..hehehe..

Definitely one of my proudest gifts of all the AC's.

Next, I was to receive a gift. I had asked for "A sculpture to remember the Adventure Club by." As I will likely miss several AC's over the next while due to little baby Cedric, I thought it was a fitting gift.

Cinnamon received my request, and she made the coolest little picture box. It's near impossible to provide a picture of (her sister will give it a try with her super-powered camera equipment), but I can explain it. Inside is a scene of two AC'ers frollicking at Castlewood Canyon (site of several AC events). One is smelling flowers, the other is about to hurl a snowball.

Very cool!

Michele also had a fun night, and her gift was very popular. The gift request she received was "A picture of all my AC friends." She hand drew a picture of all of us who were attending the AC Xmas event (the whole AC) -- in ANIME style. :-) The request was made by Blair, who was also celebrating his first AC Christmas, though he's been around for a couple of seasons. Her picture made several laps around the room as people tried to identify themselves. :-)

Next up, she was to receive her gift. She had asked "To know the ending to Lost." Sure enough, Aaron provided! He not only wrote up a complete summary of the last 1.5 seasons (assuming it ends next year), but provided a summary of the first two seasons and made a story revolving around how he acquired it. (i.e., he's a private dick on assignment, breaks into ABC by telling the security guard he is Anthony Edwards -- see the resemblance?)


Oh, what a night!


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