Friday, January 12, 2007

5 Years!

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5 years ago today, Michele and I had our first date. :-) Wow. 5 years ago?! WHOA!

We'd met through Matchmaker, a site that now looks nothing like it did back then. :-) A friend of mine at the time, Kristin, had showed the site to me on New Year's Eve 2001 and I went on the site a few days later and I found Michele's profile.

For our first date, I decided to take her to the Denver Dumb Friend's League. DDFL is a well-managed animal shelter, and happens to be where I adopted Cimbi from. :-) We looked at the puppy's and kitty's and Michele liked it. Afterwards, we caught a movie (The Shipping News -- talk about dated!) and went out to dinner. I tried to take her to Spinnaker's, but the place closed down! We walked the length of the mall, too. :-) When we'd seen it was closed down, we tried to go the Rainforest Cafe and that had closed down, too.

So, we went downtown and eventually settled on Pizza Calore near Writer's Square. Back then, I had a case of anxiety disorder which I was fighting, so I BARELY touched my meal. :-) I did take it home and Michele and I played Crazy Taxi on THE SEGA DREAMCAST (talk about dated!) while I ate some of my leftovers.

It's now 5 years later. :-) We enjoyed our little anniversary at Red Lobster, Michele's favorite restaurant. Sadly, she couldn't have any lobster because she's 7 months pregnant. :-) But, we still enjoyed wonderful food and then we spent some time at Barnes N Noble before driving home in the snow flurries.

Happy Anniversary, Yog!!!!


Tomorrow morning, I go to my first real parenting class. It's called Daddy Bootcamp. :-) It should be a lot of fun (dads are generally whimsical about the whole process), and it will last 3 hours. Afterwards, Michele and I will enjoy the weekend inside from the snow.


Here's to another 5 years!


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