Sunday, January 07, 2007

There's That Chess Again

posted by John Blanco @ 9:33 AM


It definitely wasn't one of my resolutions, but since the new year I've been playing chess again. Just casual. I've been playing on Red Hot Pawn as usual, but this time I've also been playing blitz chess on uChess, which is a sort of sister site.

Still having fun. I might change up my normal routine and just focus on one opening/defense at a time...and perhaps just study endings since you can those in shorter time spurts. No time or interesting in studying complex opening and middlegame theory. Cedric will see to that. ;-)

Just finished my AC gift as well. Still some work to do, but the real work is over. Gonna try to really finish things up today while I watch the playoff games. Yesterday's games were just amazing, with the grand finale being Tony Romo bobbling a likely game winning field goal snap. Amazing.

Kansas City had apparently sold their souls to get to the playoffs, but the Lord taketh away once they go there. No Seattle is on a second life. :-)


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