Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Is Over Already? NOOOO!!!!!!

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Wow, today is the 26th. Wow, Christmas is over. And it's been a long time since I blogged. Really, I mean, my last real blogging has been the NY vacation in review. But now, it's time to get back in the groove, so let's go...

With Michele and I "done" with our Christmas shopping to go into last week, everything was hunky-dory. And going home Tuesday from work, all was normal. Normal? Enough of this normalcy!

Word broke Tuesday that a blizzard was coming in Wednesday. Michele and I worried about the weather Wednesday morning -- and we were not dissapointed. The next morning, just as we discussed if we should take the day off because of the threat of snow, we went to the front window and realized it was no longer a threat. It was very real.

A ferocious snow was starting and it DID NOT let up until after noon on Thursday. I took THREE days off work total because of it. Much of that time was filled with reading tutorials as I don't have much vacation time to spare for freakin' snow. :-)

For three days, Michele and I did the following to pass the time trapped in our house by the over 2 feet of snow:

  • We played the original Legend of Zelda
  • We solved the original Legend of Zelda
  • We played Wii altogether
  • I solved Contact for Nintendo DS
  • I played a lot of Call of Duty 3 for Nintendo Wii
  • We cleaned up the garage
  • I put some of my old video game systems into storage
  • I created a new blog
  • I finally finished some Rainer work
  • I worked on the Adventure Club Web site
  • We backed up our digital photo albums
  • We downloaded our NY video camera movies

So, got some work done. But, the real fun was hanging out with Michele for 6 days. :-) Prolly our last time together for an extended period before little Cedric comes along. We had a lot of fun and it was sad to have to leave for work this morning. :-)

Anyway, Michele and I did get out of the house a times at the tail end of the blizzard. And it was usually hectic. We went to the mall for a couple last-second gifts for each other and went out to dinner on Christmas Eve. (Scary! It was snowing again!)

For Christmas, we woke up in the morning and did our traditional stocking and gift exchange. Michele got me Final Fantasy III for DS, cute teddy bears, a statuette of 2D from Gorillaz, some Christmas ornaments, and a ton of chocolate. :-) Michele has all the detail here.

At around noon, we headed over to the in-laws' house. They prepared a big feast that was basicaly a Thanksgiving meal except there was chicken instead of turkey. :-) it was delicious! Dessert was even better with cupcakes (which Michele made) and cookies (from Shannon) and ice cream!

The present exchange went a little more sanely than last year...I made out with some clothes, Happy Feet for the Wii, a Pirated of the Carribean chess set, and some gift cards and cash. So, we have some shopping to do this week. :-)

So, back at work this morning. It's dead in the office, so I'll get stuff done. Except this blog, which came about during mini-breaks. Now, back to full throttle!


Blogger cellothug said...

You forgot to mention 2 things.

1. All the shovelling you did and

2. That we are now in the midst of another blizzard, with predictions of oh, 9-18 more inches is the last I heard? Bah!

4:06 PM  

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