Sunday, March 12, 2006

Right Wingers Are Crazy Psycho Delicious!

posted by John Blanco @ 7:57 PM


So, I just couldn't get enough of the whole Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt (Hi, Google!) wingnut-o-sphere, so I had to do a little more posting.

Here's a great thread on the Alabama church burners who we know so much about. Well, the suspects anyway -- we don't know for sure. But we do know this of the perpe-...errr, suspects:

* They go to Birmingham Southern College.
* One of the suspects is reported to have said the burnings started as "a joke."

And, uhhhh, they are white. And, uhh, there are three of them. Surely, this is enough to make a very specific opinion.

Well, the "non-partisan" fellows at Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt (Hi, Google, again!) have a really entertaining thread on their site to read.

Here's me posing as Tim. Amazingly, they figured me out...I just simply don't know how, I thought computers were complete anonymous! ;-) After being so amazingly clever as to track me down via Google when I dissented with them before, they were able to miraculously (*cough*) figure out who I was, even though I said my name was Tim.

And here I was, thinking the whole name change would throw them. At the very least, maybe they'd just respond to my opinions rather than call me names.

But I digress. Check out this amusing thread:

Oh it was a joke…

My good buddy, Piker, is so cordial. Piker, if you're reading this, and I no doubt know you are since you love tracking me down because you can't counter anything I say...I just wanted to say Hi and hope all is well with you and your rehab program. :-)

Really, get off the uppers. It's sad. For Robert, who's prolly also gonna read this...please intervene with him. He really needs the help. He's liable to shoot someone someday (maybe me!).

Oh, and another thing...good luck on your lawsuit against Daily Kos. I'm sure the judge will side with you...Daily Kos is no doubt negligent for, ya know, allowing a poster to, well, think it'd be witty to Google bomb you even though, well, uhhh, he didn't do it...and, uh, said it prolly wasn't a smart thing to do anyway...yeah.

Daily Kos definitely should have made their poster's information public to everyone after you complained. They should have given you his address or something. Isn't that what blogs do?

Next time yer in Denver, stop by my place...let's play some DDR. :-) I don't do drugs, though, so ya know, bring your own.

Smoke it outside, please.

But, before I go -- let's honor Piker by re-publishing one of his ramblings. This is probably the most dumbass thing I've ever read and definitely shows why he's a single, late 30's bachelor. :-)

Wes, you tool,
Nixon had the class to step down…Clinton did not.
Watergate was an attempt to gather evidence that the DNC was running a prostituion ring out of their HQ.

Dang. He figured out where the Dems get their money...they rent out whores! How did he find out?!?! HAHA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that you're a hardcore Democrat. Stick with it. You people are good for Republicans.

10:56 AM  
Blogger John Blanco said...

Yeah, someone's gotta clean up your mess, right?

Do me a favor, go sign up for the War on Terror and go to Iran or something. Make yourself useful.

And thanks for your enlightening commentary, anonymous troll boy.

11:01 AM  

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