Sunday, March 12, 2006

Are GOP'ers Madmen??

posted by John Blanco @ 3:58 PM


MEMPHIS, Tennessee (CNN) -- Home-state favorite Bill Frist won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll Saturday night, besting a slate of other potential 2008 GOP presidential candidates in this unscientific survey of Southern and Midwestern Republicans.

With 1,427 ballots cast, the Senate majority leader from Nashville received 526 votes, or 36.9 percent -- and all but 97 of them were cast by Tennessee delegates. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made a surprising second-place finish with 205 votes, or 14.4 percent.

Frist overcame an 11th-hour attempt by Sen. John McCain of Arizona and other GOP leaders who urged voters to write in President Bush as their choice in a symbolic sign of support for the embattled leader. Bush tied for third place with Sen. George Allen of Virginia. Each received 147 votes, or 10 percent.

McCain, whose write-in effort was largely viewed by attendees as an attempt to derail a Frist victory, placed fourth with 66 votes. McCain's political advisers denied that that was his goal, and said it was appropriate to stand by Bush as the United States fights the war on terror.


Is McCain mad?? Launching a write-in campaign for someone who can't possibly be President SUPPORT the so-called War on Terror?!

Why didn't he just launch a write-in campaign for Teri Schiavo to show his support for life?

Or a write-in campaign for a $20 dollar bill to show support for bankrupting the government? :-)


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