Friday, February 17, 2006

Typical Yankee Fan

posted by John Blanco @ 7:05 AM


ZaBlanc: you think the Yanks can win it this year?
ccfezzig: yup
ccfezzig: but what does that mean
ccfezzig: lol
ZaBlanc: Johnny Damon....still weird.
ccfezzig: lol
ccfezzig: yup
ZaBlanc: Sox are gonna be real tough with Beckett
ZaBlanc: did they replace Damon?
ccfezzig: not sure
ccfezzig: f them
ZaBlanc: hahaa
ZaBlanc: You might be f'ed by them.
ccfezzig: f them
ZaBlanc: haha
ZaBlanc: I just hope the Braves lose it this year
ccfezzig: ME TOO
ccfezzig: lol
ZaBlanc: Sheffield stilla Yank too?
ccfezzig: not sure
ccfezzig: i forgot
ccfezzig: whoops
ZaBlanc: You see Sosa's retiring?
ccfezzig: good
ccfezzig: f him
ZaBlanc: hahaha
ccfezzig: never liked him
ccfezzig: good ?
ccfezzig: mattingly
ccfezzig: guidry
ccfezzig: :)
ccfezzig: willie
ZaBlanc: they are all 60 years old


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