Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Member of the Family

posted by John Blanco @ 9:56 AM


Yesterday, Michele and I treated ourselves to a Playstation 2. I know, I know -- I'm a Nintendo fanboy! But, the reason we got it was that I wanted a DDR game (Dance Dance Revolution) and I was NOT in the mood for DDR Mario Mix for Gamecube. :-)

So, we bought the system, DDRMAX2, two dance pads ($10 each, sweet!) and even threw in SSX for Yog. Today, we need to pick up a memory card, DVD remote (we moved our DVD upstairs to our bedroom since PS2 *is* one), and I wanna get Katamari Damasi...the greatest game EVER and one I've only been allowed to play in GameStops!

By the way, I have absolutely no buyer's remorse...we got a great deal on the dance pads and SSX because of the Toys R Us Out of Business sale, and in total we only spent about $230! The stuff we'll get today we're using our gift card on. KATAMARI!

Plus, DDR is frickin' amazing. :-)


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