Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Funny Valentine

posted by John Blanco @ 7:56 AM


Last night, Michele and I enjoyed Valentin's Day the way we intended it to be the first time. :-)

The story goes as follows...on our first Valentine's day back in 2002, Michele and I were going to go to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs, a small little mountain town along I-70. However, it was a cold and very wintery day that day, and the roads were slick, and we were forced to cut our commute short and so stopped at a restaurant called El Rancho along the way.

(A funny byline is that it was a fancy-ish place, and we were in we felt a little awkward. :-) )

Well, this year, we finally made it to Beau Jo's and we had yummy goodness for dinner. The wait staff was a little short, so we waited a while for our hot wings and pizza, but it was OK cause instead of being in Littleton, we were in Idaho Springs. ;-)

For gifts, I got Michele a cute groundhog named Evergeen. (He's an Italian, ah!) I also got her a card and a little M&M guy filled guessed it...M&M's!

Michele got me two love-bears...connected beanie bears, one says "I" and the others says "Love You." Their feet, combined, say "Forever." She also kicked my ass on the chocolate front, getting me a bag of goodies which I may or may not have shared with her. ;-) And a card.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to Dairy Queen. I went with a sundae, while Michele went with her favorite, a Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard.



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