Monday, February 21, 2005

OK, I'm back...where was I?

posted by John Blanco @ 9:17 PM


Gotta say, "Unfortunate Events" is actually a pretty good movie. :-) It got some mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it very much...even if we were in a $2 theater that was full. Talk about trailer trash! No one understood the concept of staying in your seat. People were getting up and down like it was musical chairs. And it didn't help that the door could be heard by everyone in the theater each time it closed.

Dorks. :-)

So...the most underrated thing about a 3-day weekend is: the next week is a 4-day work week! So...4 work days (which have been pretty boring lately, mind you. I have a busy week for myself in terms of getting things done.

Here's a breakdown of every activity I am currently working on:

* Reading "The Meaning of the Constitution."
* Playing through Pikmin 2.
* Playing through Advance Wars 2.
* Developing Counterpart.
* Studying UML whilst at work.

I'll take a break on Pikmin for now though. I played it for quite too long of a time today. (Ummm, all day??) Tomorrow, I'll take it easy...get to the gym...and then maybe start reading "Unfortunate Events."

Oh, and I need to take out the trash.

Well...almost sleepy time. Had a fun, fun 3-day weekend. Thanks Yog! Thanks AC gang! Time for Mon-...errr, Tuesday! :-)


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