Thursday, February 17, 2005


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So, the latest psycho-right-wing argument going is about a PBS special featuring an animated Bunny. They make the Bunny go to many different locations and lifestyles...this Bunny has visited foreign countries, people of different races, religions, and it's even met with a Pentacostal Christian family.

The point is to teach tolerance of others.

So, one day they decided the Bunny should visit a lesbian couple. Well, right-wingers are terrified of cartoons fag-ifying our children as we know, so they threw a fit.

Now, in the midst of the argument, we have everyone's favorite sack-of-shit Republican Pundit, Bill O'Reilly, making this argument:

O'REILLY: I wouldn't want Buster hopping into a bigamy situation in Utah. I wouldn't want him hopping into an S&M thing in the East Village here. I think Buster should --

WEBER: There clearly are some lifestyles that are a little strange.

So, being gay equates to polygamy and bondage? Bondage isn't even a relationship, it's a hobby! And last we checked, Bill likes to do it with a loofah. :-)

And now, O'Reilly gives us these sage words...

O'REILLY: So, let's keep Buster out of the sexual realm in all areas. Wouldn't that be the best thing to do? now our favorite little Bunny is not allowed to be around married people anymore, because that is a very sexual situation.

Great job, Bill. F***ing biggot.

When this country is run by the progressives of this country again, there will be some serious hell to pay to these bastions of fake Christianity. To quote a bloggers signature:

"After the Rapture, we get all their stuff..." :-)


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