Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kudos to the Denver Post

posted by John Blanco @ 7:04 PM


I've been wanting to be more proactive in my community, and for whatever reason lately, I've started with baby steps.

I've been writing e-mails and sending in feedback to Web sites voicing my displeasure over advertising choices and failed media attention. Today, I received feedback from Daimler-Chrystel based on my Web feedback about their advertising on Fox News Channel - specifically, shows that support the vile hatred and scathing terrorist comments of one Ann Coulter.

Vile bitch.

Today, I sent in a query to the Denver Post asking why they missed coverage on the Jeff Gannon story. This harkens back to my last blog if you need to know. :-)

Kudos to the Denver Post, as I expected either no response or a negative/canned one. Instead, I got this:

Dear John,

Thanks for the prompt. We'll have something on Gannon tomorrow. We should have run it today.

Appreciate your bringing it to my attention.


Dan Meyers
National/Foreign Editor
The Denver Post

So good job hearing from Dan Meyers himself (at least, it's purported to be). I'll be looking for the article tomorrow. Sounds like they were on it though...hopefully it was in response to more than just my feedback.

A friend at work, Richard, has been wanting to start a blog-o-sphere-type Web site concerning is political views. A few of us are game to help out. I'm thinking of becoming involved in prodding local news and media outlets to carry more stories concerning the realities of the Bush administration. I'd also like to help identify corruption in the crime family as well. Obviously, this would be more hands-on...well, atleast using the telephone. ;-)

But, in the meantime, this E-mail campaign is more effective whilst I'm at the workplace...heheheh

I'm seriously considering my options.

In the meantime, I'm going to start a second blog where I can post the media feedback that I receive from such inquiries. Hopefully, something good will come of it; maybe it will inspire others to do the same. It will live at:

A Voice Still There

Our voices are powerful in numbers. If you're reading this, I implore you to join with me.


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