Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Peek Into My Internet Life

posted by John Blanco @ 8:09 PM


Tonight, the in-laws, Michele, and I went to Bandimere to see the Christmas Lights presentation. What they've done this year is create all these custom light arrangements and make it a drive-thru showing. It was pretty neat - not overwhelming - but very pretty. Couple that with the Muppet version of "12 Days of Christmas" and it was a fun ride. :-)

Since nothing much else of interest occurred today, except maybe being denied Nintendo DS 2 more times (we're up to 5 total now), I thought I'd let you peek into my life and see all the Web sites that I visited today. So, without further ado, is John's Internet sites o' the day:

Red Hot Pawn - a correspondence chess site which I abused for quite a while a few months ago. Nowadays, I'm just getting back to playing some chess, but it's far more casual than it once was. No more tourneys for me, just some coffeehouse chess from time to time.

ESPN - The sports leader, and incidentally, the best commercials as well. :-) I checked this site about 20 times today, a little high only because the Mets are hot on the trail of Pedro Martinez! Oooh, baby!

CNN - The best source of news. This is the potpourri of news sites, but I access it about 50 times a day because they break most important news first. (No, Dick Cheney isn't dead yet.)

Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet? - One of my favorite blogs. Unfortunately, the answer is still no.

Air America Radio - My favorite Internet and Analog radio station. I do enjoy Morning Sedition in the mornings, but I absolutely live for Randi Rhodes. She is the ultimate political radio host. I live by her word because she speaks the truth...none of that hate-dribble from the you-know-who "competition." Highly recommended. Randi comes on at 1 PM Mountain Time.

Michele's Blog - The blog site for my babalicious wife, Michele. :-) She updates once every few days...and it features BABY WATCH 2005! ;-)

Bite Size Studios - Home of my personal software venture. Bite Size Studios specializes in J2ME game programming...that is, games for cell phones! Our first game, Ascent To Power, is in the works! I maintain the BSS blog on this site so you can keep up to date with its progress.

Weird Al Yankovic - The official site. Home of one of my favorite artists. I've been to two of his concerts, both amazing! He is truly a timeless classic!

Channel 9 News (Denver) - Home of Denver local news for Channel 9. Nice snag of a domain if you ask me! This is where I keep track of the local happenings.

Origami Boulder! - A sorta parody site, but very real. As I may be getting into origami, I remember this site today and took another look. You really need to read this, it's hysterical!

Marilyn Manson - Home of my definitively favorite artist, Marilyn!! Love the man, love the band, love the music, love the message. Need I say more? The most underrated and overhated artist of our time. The Christians are terrified of the one who understands the way of things better than they. Tsk tsk...

Thanks for visiting!


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