Saturday, April 11, 2009

This May Take a Bit

posted by John Blanco @ 3:39 AM


No such luck on the quick-delivery thing. :-) It's funny really, we did all the classes last time for Cedric and then we had the most accelerated, holy-crap-that-was-fast delivery imaginable (she woke up to contractions just past 2 AM, Cedric was born 6:44 AM!). This time around, Michele's water broke in bed (as opposed to in the car last time) but she is barely feeling the contractions and we need to actually walk and stuff to get them going this time.

So, our training was 2 years early, but here we are!

And this time around, my laptop is setup (instead of sitting in the car), so expect more status updates and pics of the process.

Hopefully this won't be too long. Once we can get the contractions heavier, it'll be a breeze. (The man says.)


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