Monday, April 06, 2009

Origins of ZaBlanc

posted by John Blanco @ 9:21 AM


The origins of my handle, ZaBlanc, as cross-posted from Square State:

Years ago I was an AOL junkie. I used to ring up big bills doing AOL chat with various online ladies. :-) Because I was on so much, but only worked part-time, I would take advantage of AOL's "Free First Month" promotion a lot.

So, every few months maybe, I'd find a new credit card number (I would solicit various family members) and pick a new name. I'd used NewYorkMetFan, Periscope, and some others. Then, one month, I used TheBlanc.

I liked it, it was a reference to my last name and made me sound mysterious. ;-) The next time around, I changed it a bit and went with ZaBlanc. It's supposed to be TheBlanc, but how maybe a French person would say it.

I loved it and I use it for every site that allows me to to this day.


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