Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are Women Really Going To Impede Their Own Progress?

posted by John Blanco @ 11:05 AM


So, my thoughts on last night's DNC were many. First, the so-called media really has no idea what it talks about anymore. It's all tabloid. We don't have independent observers anymore, we have a panel of Maddow vs. Buchanan, Robinson vs. O'Donnell. Now, I have always been one to support "our side" as definitely more independent-minded when it comes to assessing the situation, but people will always be put off by biases.

Pat Buchanan doesn't know anything, especially. He wondered "what does John McCain's houses have to do with anything?" Apparently, he hasn't noticed the last 200 years of political discourse in this country. Then, they spout on about how McCain is leading in some of the polling, and gee, wonder why, maybe it's because the man is attacking Obama for being a "celebrity" and "raising taxes." Neither is remotely true.

I also wonder if, indeed, the Hillary Clinton supporters who refuse to back Barack Obama because they had their little feelings hurt are really going to vote for McCain. These women are absolutely out of their mind. McCain opposes women's right every way til Sunday -- on top of his usual bent of supporting Bush 100% of the time.

Good choice, ladies. If McCain is President these next four years, you will not only take the blame every day for those 4 years, but no one will want to hear you complain either. You'll be on your own.

Michelle Obama did a great job as well. Those kids are adorable, too. :-) It's great to see a real family going for the White House, much like the Clintons. The bratty Bush clan has always been off-putting. Chelsea could kick Barbara's ass. McCain's broken clan, plus his complete inability to relate to the average American, will be an abrasive thing to imagine.

That and we'll be planning our move the hell out of here if he wins.

Here's to Hillary speaking tonight! If only the 25% of her supporters who are now supporting McCain had half the brain Hillary does.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. The Hillary supporters are both women AND men. P.U.M.A. was started by a man and a woman.

2. McCain has voted along with Bush 90% of the time, not 100%.

But yeah, there's not a lot of logic going on if you were supporting Clinton and you want to vote for McCain. If you really want to protest, just don't vote at all.

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