Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Many Houses?!?!

posted by John Blanco @ 8:36 AM


John McCain, today, responded to a question about how many houses he owns by rsponding, "I don't know how many."


So, we already have this elitist prick telling us that, somehow, Obama is the elitist. Classic Rovian tactics. McCain is the 26-year Washington veteran, married to a connected and wealthy wife, and has more homes than I have years of marriage to my ONLY WIFE. So, what to do? Call the other guy an elitist.

Well, Mr. claim to want to run the country based on experience. But it was you who got us into Iraq. It was you pushed for the Immigration Bill that was so unpopular you now are against it. It was you voted against the tax cuts to the top 1% that, in order to secure the nomination for your party, you now support them.

It's you who still believes Checkoslovakia is still a country. You who routinely confuses Shiia, Sunni, Iranians, and al Qaeda. You believe $5 million a year is when people stop being middle-class.

It's you who doesn't even know how to use the Internet.

Experience? You have years of it, but it's no qualification to be our leader.


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