Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No Scrabble For You!

posted by John Blanco @ 9:15 PM


So, kind of embarrassed this evening. For a couple weeks now, I had August 5th marked on the calendar for Scrabble Club. We asked Michele's mom to babysit tonight while we went.

So, we go. No one was there. We got some frappuchino's and waited around 15 minutes. I read my Scrabble word book, Michele read People. Finally, we decide to leave. No club it seemed. I was a little annoyed no one had shown up and was preparing to find a new club.

We walked around Clement Lake Johnson Lake for some exercise and enjoyment and then went back home. And I checked the Web site.

Oops, did I say it was the first Tuesday of each month? It's actually the second Tuesday. :-(

So, uh, Scrabble Club is next week, not this week. That was certainly embarrassing. *sigh*


Blogger Linnea said...

Well at least ya learned something yesterday so you know what lake you were walking around. ;) I think your head is too full of 3-letter words to hang on to things like dates. :)

4:11 PM  

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