Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Trust Barack Obama

posted by John Blanco @ 5:13 PM


Barack Obama opposed to war in Iraq back in 2002. John McCain endorsed and pushed for it. Obama was right.

Barack Obama has supported diplomacy with not just our friend, but our enemies. McCain thinks pointing nukes at Iran is the best way to go. Today, Bush has changed course and is negotiating with Iran. Even Bush thinks Obama is right.

John McCain pushed for Gas Tax Holiday to "give Americans a break at the pump this summer." Barack Obama knew that saving a few bucks was just pandering to voters, would severely hurt our ability to maintain our roads and highways, and would only provide an opportunity for the oil companies to make up the difference by raising the cost of gas. Today, it looks like we'll have to raise the gas tax to keep up with the repair needs. Obama was right.

Barack Obama is pushing a plan to get our troops out of Iraq within 16 months. John McCain wants to stay there for "100 years". Today, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki endorses the view of Barack Obama. Seems he's right.


So, why do you want to vote for John McCain, and what is all his "experience" worth if Obama's always right?


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