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The Shittiest Media In The World is in the USA

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This is just an outrage this morning. Looking at MSNBC, there are two stories posted next to each other. Here they are:

Check the headlines. My first reaction is that this was a positive story about "benevolent" McCain donors, and a negative story about big-money Barack lobbyists of some sort
paying to play."

Would you believe they are about THE SAME THING?

Here are excerpts from the McCain story:

The bundle of $2,300 and $4,600 checks that poured into Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign on March 12 came from an unlikely group of California donors: a mechanic from D&D Auto Repair in Whittier, the manager of Rite Aid Pharmacy No. 5727, the 30-something owners of the Twilight Hookah Lounge in Fullerton.

Look, your average American is giving to McCain! How lovely! LOTS OF MONEY! It's small-town America at it's finest! Here's the one about Obama:

In an effort to cast himself as independent of the influence of money on politics, Senator Barack Obama often highlights the campaign contributions of $200 or less that have amounted to fully half of the $340 million he has collected so far.

But records show that one-third of his record-breaking haul has come from donations of $1,000 or more: a total of $112 million, more than Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama’s Republican rival...

Why yes! Obama is getting BIG DONORS, not the little guys like McCain! (We just won't tell you who they are.)

Let's speak more about these bundlers. McCain's:

Harry Sargeant III, a former naval officer and the owner of an oil-trading company that recently inked defense contracts potentially worth more than $1 billion, is the archetype of a modern presidential money man. The law forbids high-level supporters from writing huge checks, but with help from friends in the Middle East and the former chief of the CIA's bin Laden unit -- who now serves as a consultant to his company -- Sargeant has raised more than $100,000 for three presidential candidates from a collection of ordinary people, several of whom professed little interest in the outcome of the election.


He has also become a conduit between McCain and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R), who was Sargeant's college fraternity brother and remains a close friend.

What a compassionate guy, and he remains close friends which Charlie Christ. Friends are good! He's collecting from "ordinary" people! And these are people who don't even care about the election! What a swell guy!

Now, Obama:

Behind those larger donations is a phalanx of more than 500 Obama “bundlers,” fund-raisers who have each collected contributions totaling $50,000 or more. Many of the bundlers come from industries with critical interests in Washington. Nearly three dozen of the bundlers have raised more than $500,000 each, including more than a half-dozen who have passed the $1 million mark and one or two who have exceeded $2 million, according to interviews with fund-raisers.

It's a "phalanx," which must mean something bad. And they have "critical interests in Washington", so you should worry about these chums. They actually care about the election, and that sure isn't right!

Here's more about this "phalanx" of Obama's:

Bundlers include execs, lawyers

An analysis of campaign finance records shows that about two-thirds of his bundlers are concentrated in four major industries: law, securities and investments, real estate and entertainment. Lawyers make up the largest group, numbering roughly 130, with many of them working for firms that also have lobbying arms. At least 100 Obama bundlers are top executives or brokers from investment businesses: nearly two dozen work for financial titans like Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs or Citigroup. About 40 others come from the real estate industry.

The biggest fund-raisers include people like Julius Genachowski, a former senior official at the Federal Communications Commission and a technology executive who is new to political fund-raising; Robert Wolf, president and chief operating officer of UBS Investment Bank; James A. Torrey, a New York hedge-fund investor; and Charles H. Rivkin, chief executive of an animation studio in Los Angeles.

UBS Bank and hedge-fund investors support OBAMA!!!! He's practically endorsed by them!!!!! HE IS EVIL!!!

Jesus Christ. Just goes to show you how full of shit McCain is with his "working the refs" approach. It's worked for the Republicans for years. And it's so full of shit.

They won't lay a finger on McCain.


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