Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama in Action

posted by John Blanco @ 9:04 AM


News this morning:

Democratic National Committee spokesperson Stacie Paxton confirms to us that Obama strategist Paul Tewes will be joining the DNC, a sign that Obama is rapidly moving to re-shape the party apparatus in his own image.

Tewes -- who is in the DNC building right now and whose hiring was expected -- is being brought in to help manage the transition as the DNC swings into action on behalf of Obama's general election candidacy, and to help oversee fundraising and other political matters.

Separately, the DNC let it be known this morning that it will no longer be taking donations from federal lobbyists or PACs -- another sign that Obama is rapidly putting his stamp on what will be effectively be his party until November and perhaps beyond.

And then, my hero, someone finally told Joe Lieberman where to stick it:

Returning to the Senate after his securing the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama and Lieberman greeted each on the Senate floor in the Well as they were voting on the budget resolution.

They shook hands. But Obama didn’t let go, leading Lieberman - cordially - by the hand across the room into a corner on the Democratic side, where Democratic sources tell ABC News he delivered some tough words for the junior senator from Connecticut, who had just minutes before hammered Obama's speech before the pro-Israel group AIPAC in a conference call arranged by the McCain campaign.

The two spoke intensely for approximately five minutes, with no one able to hear their conversation. Reporters watched as Obama leaned closely in to Lieberman, whose back was literally up against the wall.

This is the sort of campaign John Kerry should have ran. Hillary helped teach Barack how to play tough. Now, he's taking that experience to Novemeber for the Democratic Party!

I love this man. Obama I mean.

Fuck you, Lieberman. You won't make it past 2012.


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