Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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I've got my Adventure Club CD all done. This CD is supposed to represent my life. I made two versions. The first highlighted my musical taste by era. However, upon retrospection, I decided to make a second version which used music to map my life milestones.

The second is much better. I even like listening to it. :-)


Tonight are the last two primaries. From all the media hype I've seen today, Clinton will concede after they are over, but keep her campaign running, presumably while she tries to change superdelegate minds before the convention. Luckily, it sounds like that will be quieter, so Obama can focus on Enemy #1 -- John McCain.

Current polling shows Obama winning the Presidency. Some big states are in play, but the great news is that everyone expects the Hillary bump. That is, with her officially out, some of the hard feelings her supporters have in the Democratic primary fight will assuage to the reality that John McCain doesn't represent them. Once we get more unity in the Democratic Party after the long fight, the numbers will only rise for us.


All, minus our local nut job and all her hundreds of friends which feel the same way she does. haha.


Still addicted to Mario Kart.


Blogger cellothug said...

So, she's conceding without conceding? I don't get it. Figures.

It would be much easier for her to fight for the FL/MI ballots if she hadn't signed the agreement that they wouldn't count...and even that wouldn't be enough to win with! Ah, well...it'll be interesting to see what she says tonight.

9:35 AM  

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