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S.M.A.R.T. Resolutions for 2008

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Ah, a new year, and time for resolutions! I actually love doing this, and this year, after a bad 2007 resolution season, I will get back on track. DAMMIT I WILL!

Without further ado, my 2008 New Years Resolutions:

1. Stay in better touch with my extended family.

Having been separated geographically from my New York family, I've become uber-isolated from my extended family. I'd like to change that.

I'm in good contact with my cousin, Dawn, and I'd like to leverage some recent correspondences with other family to make things more consistent from here on out.

2. Become a Rubyist -- comfortable scripting with Ruby like a spoken language.

On again, off again. Yes, yes, I have been bad in recent years picking technologies and sticking with them. Side work is partially to blame. I'd like to get things more focused this year.

Firstly, I am a Flex developer through and through. That's the day job and I love my new workplace.

Secondly, I'd like to couple Flex with Ruby to give me server-side and client-side strengths. I've already authored a Ruby on Rails site, but I am going to recommit myself to Ruby after the sizable layoff.

Thirdly, my leadership role at the new job is providing me the opportunity to think about technical challenges in a clear way. Too many years of being stuck in obsolete code has made me jaded and uncaring. Now I care.

I have a bunch of bad habits to shake off, and good habits to regain.

3. Rebuild my chess foundation and participate in the 2008 Winter Springs Open.

This has taken a lot of thought. When I am ready to renounce chess, it tears me up to get rid of something I love so much. When I am ready to embrace chess full force again, I realize the time investment is ridiculous and I have better things I want to do with my time (Michele and Cedric!).

I have finally found the happy solution.

I will be, sadly, packing up almost all my chess books to be put in the basement. All but 5. Choosing the 5 will be difficult, but 2 will be easy.

I am going to commit myself to Lev Alburt's Russian Chess Course System utterly and completely. I will take it slowly, but consistently, and focus on just the course. Nothing else. The other 3 books will be focused books on clear topics -- likely an openings book, an endgame book, and a challenges book.

I will become a tactical player. I will not focus on openings. I will not focus on endings. I will focus on chess.

To conclude the year, Michele and Cedric and I will go to Manitou Springs and I'll participate in the Winter Springs Open, 4 years after my last appearance. :-)

And I will win it.

4. Win a game of chess blindfolded.

This is something I've always been fascinated with, but part of rebuilding my chess foundation is to visualize the board a lot better. Winning a game blindfolded would be a good proof I'm handling this.

And damn it would be fun. :-)

5. Volunteer for a political campaign.

This will either be Obama '08, Udall '08, or whoever wins the Democratic primary (if not Obama).

6. Find at least one new client for Rapture In Venice.

Got a first client in 2006. Got a new client in 2007. I'd like at least one more in 2008. Bonus points if I combine this with resolution #2 and find Ruby work. :-)

7. Build the Rapture In Venice Web site.

An easy one. I have to do this. I have been lazy. Look at my incomplete site.

8. Strength training.

This is a lousy S.M.A.R.T. resolution, but I don't want to make up some arbitrary number. I'm going to be doing some weights and strength training this year. Diet and walking is not all I will do.

9. Marry my pedometer; wear it every single day.

I got lazy with it the last part of the year. It goes back on 1/1/08. I'll wear it every day of the year.

10. No french fries. No potato chips.

I will go a whole year not eating a single french fry. Why? To encourage me to have more nutrional alternatives than a freakin fried potato. NO FRENCH FRIES IN 2008.


Blogger cellothug said...

Oh my god, I thought I wouldn't have to hear about SMART goals until Jan. 7....(specific, measurable, attainable, realistic (?), t(?) eh I don't remember what it stands for anyway.

Ruby...isn't he a republican? Oh, wait, that's Rudy.

Good luck! I hope I can help you with some work for Obama!

6:57 PM  
Blogger John Blanco said...

Without looking, I think it's "trackable"...I dunno. I am just accentuating that they are more measured. It's better than "Get in better shape." I find making specific goals motivates me more to nail em.

8:29 AM  

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