Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Never Vote For Fear Mongering

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This is an excellent example of the current politics (the last 8 years) of the Republican Party and why it must be stopped. Check this out:

"Hillary Clinton's death tax is just another tax on assets that have already been taxed," Nehring said. "Under Clinton's plan, family-owned businesses and individuals stand to lose half of everything when the business and/or property pass from one generation to another." - California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring

Now, read the article to see what the real discussion is about and the reasoning behind the estate tax.

Note that Mr. Nehring won't even call it by it's legal name. How can you have an intelligent conversation about an issue if the person won't even call it the estate tax?? Is he a 5-year-old?

Note that he is saying it's Hillary Clinton's tax. How ludicrous! If you were to only listen to Mr. Nehring's case against the "death tax," would you have known this law has been around since...oh...1797?!?!? This same law is instituted in most other civilized countries to protect against mass inherited wealth.

Would you have known that passing estates to your spouse are exempted?

Would you have known that, in fact, Bill Clinton signed into law the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act which raised the cap on inheritable estates? Gosh, that seems a long way from Hillary Clinton's law, doesn't it?

The point of this post is that, yes, politics can get nasty -- but the current Republican brand of politics is all about misinforming the public to make an issue sound nasty. It's also about pinning every law the Republicans hate on Hillary Clinton. (Ever notice she gets the brunt of the legalized abortion arguments? And they want to send her to Mars, too?)

As Bill Clinton says, "If You Want to Live Like a Republican, Vote Like a Democrat."


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