Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Republicans and Gun Activists

posted by John Blanco @ 6:50 PM


Funny, even though Giuliani is a complete weanie when he talks about how HE ALONE made New York City safer, I can only grin when I see this on the debates tonight:

(CNN) – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani fielded a question on whether citizens should be required to pass an exam before being permitted to buy a gun, only to get booed by the audience.

Giuliani said that although the Constitution allows citizens the right to bear arms, "The government can impose reasonable regulations."

Despite disapproval from the audience, Giuliani continued to say that government regulations should be related to individuals with criminal backgrounds and histories of mental illness.

Giuliani defended his record on crime in New York City. "When I took over, there were 2,000 murders a year, 10,000 felonies a week, and I enforced the gun laws very aggressively. I enforced all laws very aggressively. We went from being one of the most dangerous cities in the country to being one of the safest," Giuliani said.


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