Thursday, December 13, 2007

Broncos Done

posted by John Blanco @ 7:55 PM


Well, that was about the most inconsistent, frusterating season I've seen in a long time. :-/ The Broncos looked as good as ever, but just couldn't put points on the board (though yards came easy), way too many injuries (seemingly on every play), and a mix of surprising wins and heartbreaking defeats.

The best example has been the last 7 weeks. With the Broncos seemingly down and out at 2-3 having lost three in a row, they came home to face the Steelers in what looked like a game they'd lose big. Surprisingly, they won quite handily! The next week, facing a 5-1 Green Bay team, the Broncos looked like the game was about to be theirs rallying late and just yards away from a TD and a win. Amazingly, they managed not to score and settled for a FG and overtime. Favre threw on the first play of the overtime and 80 yards later the game is over.

The next week, finally a team not so ferocious: the Lions. Well, wouldn't ya know it, the Broncos got the most severe beating of the season!! Now 3-5, and the season looking over, the Broncos had to play IN Kansas City, where they almost never win. Guess what? THEY WIN EASILY.

Then the next week, home to a tough Titan team -- we win quite handily again. All of this after the balleyhooed players-only meeting and things were looking up! If we can just make it to the playoffs, our team has really come together...

And it looked good!

A HUGE game against the Bears -- IN CHICAGO. We had it. We were up big. With just 7:30 to go, we were up 2 TD's. Would ya believe the Bears put together two kickoff returns and a blocked punt and took the game to overtime and beat us on the first drive?


But it's OK, at least we get the Raiders the next week, right? We can get to 6-6. right? Wrong! The Broncos put up a major league STINKER (at Arthur's place no less -- I still blame him.) So now we're all but done.


The Broncos *murder* the Chiefs in Denver! We're still barely alive! If we can just win next week against the not-so-hot Texans, and get a break with a Charger loss, we might come back!


The Texans embarrass the Broncos. Up and down. Geesh. Bad year. But so much talent. Brandon Marshall is poised to become a top-flight receiver. Jay Cutler has really improved! Selvin Young might be the surprise rookie in the league! And the defense has some serious talent.

Wait til 2008, I guess. Blarg!


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