Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Review of my Resolutions for 2007....

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As 2007 comes to a close, it's time to look back and see how I did on my resolutions for the year. (Hint: NOT GOOD.)

1) Learn how to play, and win one game of, Go.

Nope. With fatherhood came a complete re-prioritization of time. At some point during the year I just decided to pass on Go, at least for now. Plus, chess still smolders in me and I barely get time for that either. :-)

Go won't make it in the list for 2008, but who knows, maybe I'll do it.

2) Pay off all our remaining credit card debt.

Yes. Although, funny story. I kinda mis-under-estimated on my taxes for last year and we had to pay a bunch, plus property taxes. So after paying off the debt, some went back on. It's stayed on, too, as we still see some bills for Cedric! WARNING: Do the birth yourself!

It will be paid off soon, though. Within a couple months more than likely.

3) Teach Cedric baby sign language.

Yes and no. He's just on the fringe of doing it. For a day, he was doing 'More'. He's at the age where it will start to click in and it's exciting. :-) He understands certain signs...he's just about ready to start doing them back now. He wasn't able to do the three signs I'd hoped for, but it's not our fault. ;-)

4) Play DDR 100 times.

Yes and no. After having Cedric, we found it difficult to play DDR and keep an eye on him. So, we did a lot of power walks. 4-5 miles each. This plus DDR definitely hit 100. So, the "spirit" of the resolution was matched.

5) Learn how to type.

No. I did start, though. Got a $5 tutor program at CompUSA when it was closing. :-) Just didn't have the time.

6) Obtain at least one work certification.

No. I was intending to do it for PHP, but I switched to Ruby early...and then changed jobs...and, well, I still want to do accomplish this task so let's leave it at that. :-)


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