Monday, October 29, 2007

Baseball Roundup: How Bad Are The Cubs??

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Another baseball season is over. Here's my little summary of the season and postseason as told by a disgruntled Mets fan.

The regular season was great for a long time. The Yankees played like puke and the Mets took an early and consistent control of the NL East. As the season wore on, though, the Mets were struggling. After a month of completely lethargic play, the Phillies and Braves were back in it. However, we got our sea legs again and swept the Braves out of it.

Unfortunately, we absolutely could not beat the Phillies, losing 8 straight to them, including two series sweeps. If we'd have won JUST ONE of those games, we'd be NL East division champs again.

Not to be.

Meanwhile, the Yankees signed Roger Clemens in a much publicized effort to get back in the race. His contract broke the record for salary. WHile pro-rated, he made more money per-game than anyone in sports history. Laughingly, he went 6-6 on the season with a 4+ ERA and his K/BB ration was merely 2-1. I think it's time for his retirement.

The postseason saw only one returning playoff contender from last year: the Yankees. Everyone else was new this year. And a hideous postseason it was. Here was the *exciting* first round:

Rockies sweep Phillies.
Diamondbacks sweep Cubs.
Red Sox sweep Angles.
Indians ALMOST sweep Yankees, 3-1.

OMG at least one of the losing teams won a freakin' game! Well, this really was highlight...watching the Indians sink the Yankees again, watching Clemens sink, watching A-Rod choke again in the playoffs...definitely the highlight.

Round 2 was a little better:

Rockies sweep Diamondbacks
Red Sox comes back from 3-1 down to beat Indians

These two series really highlight what's been going on in Colorado these last two weeks. The Rockies won something like 21 of 22 games! AMAZING! At the same time, the Red Sox made an epic comeback against the Indians that -- well -- changed their fate.

Last night, the Red Sox won the World Series. Had the Indians won one more game against the Red Sox, perhaps the blazing-hot Rockies could have won it. But not to be. And the Red Sox are certainly deserving. They beat the Rockies in 4 straight games when only one team in 22 chances could do it previously.


And that's your season. A-Rod has just declared free agency, so the Yankees may have lost their best hitter. Hot Stove League has officially begun!

See you next year!


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