Monday, December 04, 2006

Day #8 - Ground Zero

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A few days later, it was BACK to Manhattan once again! The first place to go was Ground Zero. I'd been to New York, alone, in September 2001 just after 9/11 -- when I'd been laid off at my job (the company went OOB on 9/11) and just days after breaking up with my then-quasi-girlfriend. It was a sad time, especially with the disaster.

I wanted to go to Ground Zero then, but it seemed inappropriate to join in with the throngs of gawkers. In hindsight, I regret it. However, we made it a point to go this time.

Basically, what you'll find at the former site of the World Trade Center is a viewing platform and construction. The viewing platform was created some years back to help keep the crowds at bay while business continued as usual nearby. The platform has a 9/11 timeline and pictures, but the real gravity hits you (ironoically) when you turn your back to it.

Behind you is something amazing -- the routine. Banks, delis, etc. All operating as if nothing never happened, but it's amazing to think that just 5 years ago, this was the site of terror and mayhem. What was it like to be sitting at the dei eating a turkey sandwich when the plane hit? It's amazing to think about. On top of that, seeing pictures back from that day and recognizing the scenery is amazing.

Afterwards, we did indeed go eat at the nearby deli. It was gross, by the way. (Stage Door Deli, avoid it like the plague.)


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