Monday, December 04, 2006

Day #8 - The Daily Show Line To Get In (We're #169!)

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And now, the REAL reason we were downtown for the THIRD time this trip...We attended the taping of The Daily Show!!! WHOOOO!

Located on the West Side, we headed to the studio after our sightseeing. We had to wait in line about 2 and a half hours. The tickets are free, but it's first-come/first -serve, and they overbook intentionally to insure a full house.

When we got in to the studio, we were amazed at how small it looked. They seat you where they seat you, and it didn't take long to get things started. First, a stand-up comic warms up the crowd. The guy was really good. :-) He gets everyone in a rage, and then Jon Stewart comes out for a meet and greet. Jon was hysterical off camera, a really great comedian's mind!

The show films quickly. There aren't multiple takes, it happens FAST! The only delay was when they set up the stage for the closing spot, which was Tom Waits (the guest) doing a musical performance. I really liked it, though Michele was sour on Tom Waits being the guest. She was just angry though because the next day's guest was GEORGE CLOONEY!

Doh! Off by a day! ;-)


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