Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Loss in the "Family"

posted by John Blanco @ 10:52 AM


A torubling day at work today, and one I will never be able to forget.

Ken Stern, a co-worker of ours was found dead in his apartment yesterday afternoon. We were all notified yesterday evening, but as many of us had left work already...we're all finding out this morning.

Ken was a quiet guy who worked on a different project than I was on. I never talked with him, at all, but I saw him every day.

From details I've been able to gather from a couple other co-workers, Ken was out sick most of last week, though working from home. He came in Friday to gather a couple books up, but was otherwise unseen.

Later, I overheard on a telephone conversation that a former co-worker had gone to his apartment to check up on him when Ken was missing on Tuesday (I believe). His door was open, and there was ski equipment layed out. From what can be surmised, Ken was packing his car up to go skiing and perhaps had a heart attack, or something similar, while back in his apartment.

It's pretty traumatic even though I didn't know him very well. The guy had to be in his mid- to late-30's. Amazing how fast life can just stop. :-(

It's terrible to see his empty cube, just down the aisle from me -- computer books and notes that are all so useless and meaningless now.


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