Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On Heads In Butts...

posted by John Blanco @ 7:41 AM


Sometimes I get a little too glues and smacking down ignorant right-wing hacks who do nothing but spew the same old talking points they hear on TV or read in hate-filled books like Hannity's.

Recently, I got a little too involved with a certain head-butt-sticking Web site that I've now pried myself from. The real kicker was this comment to me, which was part of a much longer, hate-spewing post:

"I’m really amused by this Neo-Con label you like tossing around… what is the difference between a new conservative? and an old conservative?
So does that make you a Neo Socialist? or a Neo-Communist? or a Neo-shit for brains?"

Why I'm arguing with a right-winger who, get this, doesn't even know what the term Neo-Conservative means...is beyong my comprehension. But I'm done now.

Is it reasonable to expect that if a right-wing hack like this guy is going to spew his same rhetoric about hating gays, hating protest, and being pro-bastard (he believes foster children should remain just that, rather than sharing a home with a gay couple) -- that he should at least know what movement he's part of.


Just to cap off his intelligence level, his latest insult for me is calling me DDR-boy. Nice.


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