Thursday, January 26, 2006

My email to the Heritage Foundation

posted by John Blanco @ 11:39 AM


The Heritage Foundation

You guys make me tout that you fight for
people's freedoms, while simultaneously claiming that
marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman?! Oh give
me a break!

What's homosexual marriage gonna do to you? Will it
destroy your family? My gosh, we don't have
homosexual marriage now and what do you see? People
who have these feeling expressing them. What are you
so afraid of? Why must you fight love with your

We have important issues to deal with in this
world...soldiers dying, millions of children without
health care, and you're dumping millions of dollars
into fighting homosexual marriage?

Give me a friggin break, people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Traditional marriage is not only an expression of love. It's an institution meant for the bearing and protection of children. It's also meant to bestow civil rights. Marriage must remain limited for the sake of definition. If you opened it up based on love alone, then marriage would cease to exist because you could marry your dog, I could marry my macintosh computer (because I love computers). Something that doesn't have boundaries ceases to exist. The moral argument that is underlying on both sides is that legalizing gay marriage normalizes homosexuality. It brings parity with heterosexuality. That's why the homosexual community wants it and why the heterosexual community doesn't. Homesexual is not normal for two reasons. Religiously, it's not normal because God said so. Secularly, it's not normal because it contradict evolution, which espouses a main premise of race propogation. Gays will die off because they can't reproduce. So whether you're a theist or atheist, homosexuality is not "normal"

9:25 AM  
Blogger John Blanco said...

While your argument makes sense to your way of things, it's patently ridiculous.

Firstly, marriage is not only an expression of love and devotion, it is a formalization of family. A gay couple needs help to bear children, or adoption, but they can raise a child all the same. They do today. Marriage will help formalize that bond.

Secondly, no one's asking for marry their dog or Macintosh. Your comparison of a loving, caring gay couple to a computer is offensive to me. We're talking two PEOPLE.

A gay couple can love and care for a child just as a heterosexual couple can. If you care to dispute this by pointing out that they cannot conceive of a child, then I will point out to you that heterosexial adoption should be made illegal as well.

And also, don't tell me that the child cannot grow up adjusted to gay parents. The #1 problem with misadjusted children is divorce, not two loving parents.

But I understand your aprehension to the gay lifestyle. We once objected to the world being considered round, and that blacks, women, and Jews were not our equals.

As for homosexuality not being normal, that is offensive as well. It's as natural as anything else in this world...we've just chosen to keep it hidden for so long.

Homosexuality has been around as long as mankind. It is not a choice. The only choice is whether to keep it hidden, as many have been forced to do. But, our world progresses, and we must learn that love should be encouraged, not hatred.

Religiously, God represents your belief. It is not an argument...your theocratic reasoning is best enjoyed in countries like Iran. Secularly, a gay couple is a gay couple, they have no impact on a heterosexual couple's way of life.

My gay friends will be gay, and it has no affect on my heterosexual marriage. I am not "threatened" by it at all. My decisions don't change because they are gay as much as theirs are not affected by my being heterosexual.

Finally, as I do believe in evolution, your assessment is incorrect. Evolution weeds out traits that preclude one's survival. A person with gay tendencies can still breed.

Don't be afraid of one is trying to convert you. You are who you are. Embrace love, no matter who it's between...God is love.

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