Friday, May 27, 2005

Prior Breaks Arm

posted by John Blanco @ 7:25 PM


Ouch! Mark Prior broke his arm today on a shot back up the box against my hometown Rockies. That's gonna sting the Cubbies.

On better news, the Mets won again, recovering some damage when they got swept by the Braves! A big two wins against the Marlins...hope they keep it up! Good job, guys!

Tomorrow is the BBQ at Rod's. Horeshoe time!!!! But first, we gotta work on our pathetic yard, which hasn't been mowed in 3 weeks, has some animal poop on it, and just had a bunch of baby Aspens removed.

And dang weeds!

Texas Hold 'Em story. (Yeah, I've been playing a lot.) I had pocket Kings, and the flow was 776. The board checked all the way through, so no one had the 7. The turn was a 7! Again, the board checks, but iceeme bets. I'm bettin' he doesn't have the 7, cause he checked earlier, and he was in best position. We all call. The river is a 6! So the board reads 77676. I've got a pair of Kings!

So this means that, with no one else having a 7, and it had to be because the betting was not happening, I've got the win with King's full! Right?

Wrong. Someone has Pocket Rockets. AA. Ya gotta be kidding. Only one hand beats me, and at, what is it, 331 to 1, someone had it.



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