Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Legend of Koo

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New York Daily News - John Harper: Mets' praises must be sung

Yesterday, the Mets avenged the earlier loss to the Yankees, with a near shutout win of 7-1. Pay-Rod (AKA Slappy) broke it up with an RBI single with 2 outs in the ninth. Grumble...

Still, a shattering of Randy Johnson was fun to see, as the Mets went ape on em. But, the highlight was a crazy play in the late innings that ESPN Gamecast had described thusly:

Randy Johnson pitches to D. Koo
D. Koo doubled to deep center
J. Reyes sacrifices to catcher, D. Koo scores


Let's break it down. D. Koo is Dae-Sung Koo, a Korean reliever new to the Mets this year. He's 35. He hasn't swung a bat in 20 years. His first AB a few days ago in Cinci (which is very rare for a reliever, except during garbage time) was a 3-pitch "I ain't going near it" affair.

Now, he steps up against Randy Johnson, one of the most intimidating lefties in decades, lefty-lefty mind you, and takes one swing and knocks it TO THE WALL in Shea Stadium?


As if that weren't enough, the next batter, Jose Reyes, tries to bunt him to third to help get one more insurance runs. (He was also looking for a hit as well.) He bunts, and Posada comes out along the first-base line to field the ball. He throws out Reyes. Unfortunately, no one covered home.

Reminded me of a class highlight about 15 years ago that I have on one of my blooper tapes. :-)

But, D. Koo is a pitcher...still, he takes off! And scores!!!! Amazing.

Based on the above article, theres even more to this unlikely series of events, though. Apparently, Mike Piazza told David Wright when Koo stepped up there that he'd donate a million bucks to charity if he got a hit.

When Bernie Williams had to go retrieve the ball at the base of the centerfield wall, boy I bet his face was red! :-) Hilarious.

Koo got so razzed in the dugout, it was the comedy highlight of the year so far. I don't know what act of God allowed Koo to hit that Randu Johnson-fastball that far, but that's GOTTA be the true God.

So, I'll need to consult with Koo on his religious beliefs. I'll let ya know. :-)


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