Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What Wall Do You Want To Go Through?

posted by John Blanco @ 6:47 PM


Yonkers man to serve 13 years in child porn case

OK, this is just plain creepy. I just heard the story from my friend Chris, but now I know it's true...

A (sorta) friend of mine in Junior High School, Ismael Genao, was convicted of child porn charges and sentenced to 13 years in jail a couple months ago!

He will spend his 30's in jail.

It's really creepy. This is the first person I knew who's gone to jail. Very strange for me. I knew Ish because he was the only one in school who knew more about computers than me, at the time. The subject of this post is the funniest line I ever heard him say...he was talking to some bullies. :-)

This, of course, means I reign supreme!!!!!!

Still, what's he thinkin? Ya know, I won't hold it against him what his crime is. He was just serving some pictures. He was always a weird guy, but he turned out to be a bit sick and a perv. Hopefully, he didn't commit any other related crimes.

What's he still doing in Yonkers anyway? :-)

Sorry, Ish, you never were able to figure out why my King's Quest II disks had a CRC error. Apparently, you're a 29-year old living in an 11-year old body.

Note to self: Delete all my kiddie porn.


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